About Arcana

— One card from the Major Arcana is drawn randomly and given to the participant. How the artist or writer responds to their, will be revealed this October 20 at 3 pm (CET) This year’s show will be presented completely online. —

ARCANA is the result of caffeine injected conversations between writer, Steve Toase, and me. Conversations about the occult, ceremonial magicians, and eccentric filmmakers inspired us to start an invitational project based around the cards in hopes of presenting an international community of like-minded artists to the Munich arts scene.
In 2019, 14 artists and writers were invited to participate. The visual and literary interpretations were presented in the beautiful Orangerie in Munich, Germany. The show was beautiful and was written about by the Süddeutsche Zeitung and InMünchen Magazine.

In 2020 Arcana became an online event directed by me with editing help from writer, Diana Radovan. The number of artists and writers invited doubled; 22 writers, 22 artists.
With help from artist/writer Rysz Merey, and multi-talent Luvan, Arcana 2021 is presented online. A total of 44 creatives were invited to dazzle us with their interpretation and it is with great pleasure to share their wonderful works here with you!  –Hazel Ang



Shane Izykowski
Ana Juan
Brad Woodfin
Carolina Seth
Alexandra Lukaschewitz
Mario Klingemann
Lynn Hardaker
Erlend Tait
Pamela Tait
Juliet Schreckinger
Heiko Müller
Biljan Tomic
Allun Turner
Rysz Merey
Corinna Naumann
Gregory Hergert
Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow
Miriam Frank
Brian Serway
Michaela Wühr
Hazel Ang


Lea Rothdach
Sonia Focke
Marnie Desdemona
Clarissa Pattern
Karen Bayly
Karen Bovenmyer
Julie Day
Seyward Goodhand
Lynn Hardaker
Simone Heller
Sabine Magnet
Pung Worathiti Manosroi
Diana Radovan
Sarah Read
Sruthy Sasi
Susannah Violette
Steve Toase
Ella Voss
Kristin Ragna Gunnarsdóttir
Carina Bissett
Moushumi San Serma
Ines Simao

Snippets from Arcana 2019