King of Pentacles

Ana Juan

Ana Juan began her professional career in Madrid, making herself known through publications such as Madrid y La Luna and collaborating with the newspapers El País and El Mundo. Since then, she has worked around the world illustrating book covers, posters and advertising campaigns. Among these are her covers for The New Yorker magazine, for which she designed 25 covers.


The Magician
acrylic, ink on paper, 50 x 40 cm, framed.



Alessandro Giorgi

Alessandro Giorgi (b. 1989) is a self-taught Italian artist, currently living and working in Munich, Germany. Born in a small village in the south-coast Sicily; during his studies in architecture he moved to different European cities increasing his interest for art and illustrations.


»Carro«, 2022
102 x 140 cm
Oil, oil pastels, pencil on board



Playing Justice

Alexandra Lukaschewitz

The Munich based artist Alexandra Lukaschewitz creates sculptures and pictures from paper. Growing up in the Bavarian alps she developed a deep love for nature and all it’s creatures. She also is deeply influenced by Science Fiction, atomic age culture and natural sciences. Her anthropomorphic creatures quote pop culture as well as natural history. Blending these themes together to tell new stories as she treasures narrative. Her creations trigger empathy and a personal connection with the viewer. She has a fond- ness for the curious, the wonderful, the fragile. Her creations found homes with international collectors. Alexandra lives and works in Munich.


»Playing Justice«, 2020
Papier, Draht, Glasaugen
29 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm
montiert auf Holzsockel in 24,5 cm x 40 cm Glasdom




Allison Sommers

Allison Sommers is a mixed media artist (they/ them), working primarily in drawing and installation, with a history degree from the University of Virginia. Raised in a military family, she lived across the US, eventually settling for a decade in New York City before moving to Berlin in 2019. Spending those formative years roaming Cold War-Era Air Force Bases continues to resonate throughout her work, as does the environment of every place she lived, particularly that of the Chesapeake Bay.


gouache and mixed media on panel-mounted paper, 20cm x 40cm 2022.


Lady Temperance

Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow

Brigitte is a Japanese-German painter. Her paintings are imbued with a deep tranquillity. Each scene possesses a cinematic quality in their cropping of subjects, capturing of fleeting moments, and the distinct way light streams through a wide aperture, oscillating between photorealism and dissolving abstraction.


»Lady Temperance«, 2022 Hommage à Vermeer and Hockney, acrylic and oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm




Biljana Tomić

Biljana Tomić – Hamburg based artist from Zurich, Switzerland – shows things in her clandestine artworks which have always been there and yet they feel strange. Her interests and inspirations range between mythology, magic, alchemy and the occult in nature. Clues and messages are playfully hid- den and send the viewers on a riddle solving journey to discover their own interpretation.


Risograph 30 cm x 42 cm limited to 19 prints



The Star

Corinna Naumann

CORINNA NAUMANN is an artist and arts educator (adults) / art team event host close to Munich, with an M. A. in art education, history of art and philosophy. Intrinsic thoughts, nature and details inspire her as well as female / identity themes. She loves to learn traditional and new techniques, as to combine them.


»The Star«
Watercolour and ink on cotton watercolour paper, 30 x 40 cm, 2022, framed.


King of Rods

Daniela Sav

oil on canvas , framed.




Gregory Hergert

“A city bus, a car horn, a drip of sweat as a rat scurries across the floor, hunched over the painting, the city, the imagination is Urban Surrealism.” —Gregory Hergert


»Priestess«, 2022
oil on panel, 11×14 inches 


Raw Justice

Julian Opitz

Der Münchner Zeichner Julian Opitz ist ständig auf der Jagd nach kuriosen Figuren – und kuriosen Titeln. Seine mit Tusche und Buntstift zu Papier gebrachten Arbeiten setzen Pointen in Wort und Bild. Mal kreativ, mal kritisch und immer mit einem Blick für das Komische.


»Raw Justice«,
Tusche und Buntstift auf Papier



Queen of Coins

Hazel Ang

Hazel Ang ist eine asiatisch-kanadische Künstlerin, die derzeit in München lebt. Sie studierte Musik und Grafikdesign. Ihre Arbeit ist eine Verschmelzung einer breiten Palette kultureller, literarischer und spiritueller Schlussfolgerungen, die durch ihre Kultur und ihre Erziehung im kanadischen Kontext ausgelöst wurden. Sie arbeitet derzeit in verschiedenen Zeichenmedien sowie in Öl.


»Bling Bling« , 2022 Buntstift auf Holz



Heiko Müller

My art comes from an urge to explore. I like the countryside. I like a good view. And once I’m face to face with a lovely scenery, I feel immediately tempted to find out what it’s concealing. The dark goings-on behind the façade of nature, you might say, or the hidden machinations of the animal kingdom. To imagine and express this, I usually tap the lines linking religious icon art, renaissance painting and comic culture. I am particularly thrilled by the kind of spiritual terror you find expressed in the paintings of the old Flemish masters, and I’m trying to find out what happens when you apply that mood to the serene and harmless world of rural folk art.


»Devil and Dog«, 2022 Buntstift auf Papier 32 x 24 cm


The Moon

Jochen Hirschfeld

Concept and story first, medium and technique second. Munich based filmmaker and photographer Jochen Hirschfeld captures his ideas in a variety of formats. He boils down a conflict or a moment of tension into a visual narrative and then chooses the medium.


Where will this lead to?
digital art with AI
70 x 100 cm



Queen of Cups

Juliet Schreckinger

Juliet Schreckinger is a Long Island, NY based artist. Her work is typically created using a stippling technique in pen & ink and graphite, with occasional splashes of color. Juliet’s pieces are inspired by the ocean, nature, and all of the creatures within our world. Since the time she was a child, Juliet has been fascinated by black and white photography, colorless television shows, and film noir movies. Being exposed to the lighting effects and sharp contrasts shown in these photographs and films greatly inspired the type of work that she does today. Juliet’s work is centered around giving a voice to nature and animals, with the goal of showcasing their importance in this world. Through an illustrative take on fine art, she strives to express a story in each drawing.



Queen of Cups,
ink and graphite on Arches hot pressed paper, ca. 15 x 20 cm, framed.


Knight of Rods

Mario Klingemann

Mario Klingemann is an artist who uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to create and investigate systems. He is particularly interested in human perception of art and creativity, researching methods in which machines can augment or emulate these processes.

He is considered a pioneer in the field of modern AI art, his award-winning work has been featured in major art publications as well as academic research and has been shown in international museums and art festivals.


»Knight of Rods«
Neurographische Echtzeit Installation Text-zu-Bild KI generierte Bilder, Monitor, Raspberry PI
by interest please email me



The Strength

Michaela Wühr

My name is Michaela Wühr and I am usually painting oil on wood or drawing with ink. Although I am doing graphic computer works this is the first piece I have illustrated with my apple pen and IPad using no Adobe program but Procreate. It was a lot of fun for me checking out the program, but it was also tricky for me to find out which are the right brushes to use.


THE STRENGTH: Queen of Scarab / Skarabäuskönigin / Fine Art Print Limited Edition (1/5) / 30*40




The Empress

Pamela Tait

Pamela Tait is a Visual Artist who uses pareidolia to create her imagery, taking inspiration from the trees and forests in her local environment. Through the processes of her practice she transforms the trees into a rich gathering of sweetness and darkness; a mass of beings who evoke a sense of her imagined folklore.


»The Empress«
coloured pencil and graphite on paper
image size: 31 x 24cm with frame:: 40.5 x 33cm



Miriam Frank

1985 born in Munich / Germany

2005-2010 University of Applied Science/ Augs- burg / Communication Design/ Bachelor of Arts

2010-2013 University of Applied Science/ Augsburg / Design and Communica-
tion Strategy / Master of Arts

2018-2022 Co-Owner of »Farbenpracht« / Tattoo Studio / Munich

since 2022 works as an Illustrator and Artist in Munich, Germany


»LA PALOMA« 2022, Karte: Turm Acrylic on canvas
Diptychon 100×100 cm


The Magician

Ronit Wolf

Welcome the Magician; a splendid arbiter between spirit and reality. You‘ll find him embracing our supposed reality as a channel for the fabric of the universe. Knowing about the nature of space and time; the magician uses our continuum like a fluid DNA structure; he plays with the rules of Physics without labeling them as such. Nature needs no names; the magician knows this very well. He is the metaphysician using Physics without the numbers intuitively and with a lot of fun.


»The Magician« i and ii
digital art and Ai on aludibond


The Emperor

Rysz Merey

Rysz Merey is a Hungarian lite gore artist who likes to explore the followings themes: 1. Help! I have a body! 2. Running away from you is hard and I don’t even want to. 3. Inside every disgusting thing, you’ll find something pretty. Or just more gross stuff. We can’t be sure. He works in mixed media, digital and traditional, and his favorite colors are black, blue, and flesh tones.


The Book of Blood – The Emperor
Mixed media original (ink, graphite, colored pencil, oil pastel) on brown paper, framed.


Königin der Stäbe

Tanja Hirschfeld

Born in Rome 1971, Tanja spent her childhood in between Italy and Germany. When she was 13 her family settled in Munich, Germany. At the age of 18 she started studying graphic design at the university of applied sciences in Munich. After graduating, she worked for many years as a commercial graphic designer and illustrator as well as developing her personal work. Since 2014 she is working as an artist. She started to paint in oil in 2016.


„Sti Cazzi“ 2022
60×80 cm
Giclée Druck von Ölbild auf Leinwand Auflage 1/1